Scotiacon will return on

3rd-5th September 2021

Please check back later for updates.

Hello everyone!

There follows a transmission from the good ship Scotiacon:

First of all, we hope that everyone is in good health and doing as best they can to make the best of these uncertain times.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 and the restrictions it brought with it we maintained that we would provisionally keep our February 2021 date for the 10th anniversary Scotiacon, the first to be held in the new venue. We would make a go-no go decision at the latest point it would be reasonably practical to open registration for the convention cycle.

Our position has remained clear: If it is not safe to run the convention at the planned time, we will not run the convention at the planned time.

The date we needed to make our go-no go decision coincided with a tightening in the restrictions in the UK as a whole and the decision not to run in February was unanimous.

This presented us with a plethora of issues, the most concerning was the new venue. We haven’t run a convention in our new venue before and do not (yet) have the incredible rapport we have enjoyed with the Livingston Mercure. I am happy to say that both our event management company and the Crowne Plaza have been nothing short of superb in their support of our convention!

The Crowne Plaza had originally agreed to host us in winter and had offered a very good value deal that we did not want to risk losing by cancelling 2021 unless we had to. This combined with there already being a 15 month period between conventions which we were keen to avoid turning into a 27 month period.

We are happy to announce that we have accepted a date later in the year for the 10th anniversary Scotiacon, Scotiacon 2021 is all set to take place on the 3-5th September 2021! As a testament to the Crown Plaza’s fantastic enthusiasm to work with us we are happy to announce that they have allowed us to run in late summer with no cost increase over the winter pricing! The special performances and other things we have planned to make the 10th anniversary truly special have all happily agreed to support us on the new date too!

We will return to the winter date in 2022 which means that there will be two Scotiacons in quick succession, that’s twice as much Scotiacon per Scotiacon to make up for the lack of Scotiacon! This places a huge demand upon the staff and crew who have responded to the challenge magnificently asking only for there to be earth shattering supplies of Irn Bru, Tattie scones and of course – Hash Browns!

We truly hope that Covid-19 is sufficiently under control by spring 2021 and we hope to see everyone at Scotiacon 2021!

Thanks to all of our attendees and those attending for the first time for your support and understanding as well as to our devoted staff, crew and volunteers, without all of these people Scotiacon could not exist.

We hope to see you Boogying on down!

Ceilfox & Silverfoxwolf.

Until then look back on our many memories at our Youtube

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